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“The Forum ( Kazakhstan in a Changing Eurasia) was a great opportunity to network with dynamic people, learn more about the organizations doing business in Kazakhstan as well as explore new ideas and business models.” 

Huschke Diekmann, GM General Electric Transportation Digital 

Europe, Russia/CIS, M. East, N. Africa



"Fantastic program, content was top notch as were the speakers"

Jim Noble, Former CIO of BRITISH PETROLEUM | U.S.A. Voted #7 most influential Technology Executives in the U.S.

"The Gulf Economic Update on Kuwait was a very inspiring event.  The panelists and moderators were truly engaging and the frank discussions was refreshing.  It is not often that one is able to participate in a results-focused forum.  Thank you also Foreign Affairs and ThinkLink for your kind hospitality.".

Amir A. Dossal President, Global Partnerships Forum | UNITED NATIONS

"It was a terrific event—we had knowledgeable speakers form the region who shared insights about the future of the energy industry and economic diversification which one had to be there in person to hear"

Varun Sivaram is the Douglas Dillon fellow and acting director of the Program on Energy Security and Climate Change at the Council on Foreign Relations U.S.A.


“It was a pleasure to participate in the ‘FA Live:/ThinkLink Gulf Economic Forum’. The panels directly targeted the challenges and also the opportunities that our region has to offer. The discussions were open and honest, and no point was left unchallenged by the diverse and knowledgeable audience. The experience has been thought-provoking, and the networking offered us the chance to address the many questions that people have about Kuwait and the Gulf region, both political and economic.”

Pinak Maitra, KIPCO Group CFO. Kuwait



It was a pleasure to be a part of the Gulf Economic Update at CFR, as this is a critical time to understand the fiscal pressures facing GCC states, and the innovative responses governments are making "

Karen E. Young, PhD Senior Resident Scholar Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington


"It was a privilege to be able to attend the Gulf Economic Update: Featuring Kuwait.  The panel brought light to whats going on in the region. The networking opportunities are always engaging.  Every aspect of the event was thought out well and executed perfectly.   Ro"

Robert Rosalia, Director of PlasmaTech Solutions | U.S.A.


Foreign Affairs LIVE is at the junction between an informed general public and a select group of foreign and national experts that permeates the traditional meeting forum of the Council and opens-up with the aid of the new technologies an all new arena for interaction.”

Nuno M. C. Crisostomo ,Operations Center ( OPSCEN) , UNICEF | New York


"It was a privilege to be a part of Foreign Affairs Live Conference, The Gulf Economic Update: Featuring Kuwait. It featured top notch panelists ready to weigh in on the relevant issues facing the GCC. I also appreciated the chance to have one on one meetings with key GCC leadership."

Samuel Sidiqi, CEO National Real Estate Co. | Kuwait


“ Attending the Foreign Affairs Event: Middle East Economic Summit that was held in New York on October 5, 2016 as a participant  was a great experience.  The event was well-organized and undoubtedly your organization did a tremendous job in bringing together a diverse and knowledgeable group of speakers and panelists.  The topics and insights were thought provoking and clearly applicable to both the regional and international audience “

Bader Al Reizaihan, Chairman of AMWAL International Investment Company | Kuwait

Attending the Innovation Forum 2015 as a participant was a great experience. I sincerely enjoyed the discussion with the other panel members as well as the questions from the audience. The panel was a great opportunity for SAP to be represented as one of the best IT companies to work for in Brazil.

Manfred Weis, Regional Head - Cloud Service Center Americas –SAP | U.S.A.



The Brazil Innovation Forum was well worth my time.  The panelists and moderators were solid, and the networking conversations engaging.

Steve Long, General Manager of INTEL Latin America | USA

"It was a privilege participating in the 2015 Brazil Innovation Forum.  Very relevant from a business environment perspective.  It added many insights on the prospects of the country and its yet unleashed potential whilst depicting its recurrent economic and political challenges. Delegates and speakers were relevant to the subject and knowledgeable. Look forward to participating next year. I thank ThinkLink's team for this unique opportunity"

Daniel Levy, Director of Investor Relations of Latam Airlines Brazil



Very thought provoking, helpful, diverse and  stimulating event. It was a good opportunity to get a wide range of content quickly. 

Nelson Jose Jamel, CFO Ambev  | Brazil

It was a privilege to be part of the Brazil Innovation Forum. Such event is a great initiative to promote Brazil and contributes to the attraction of business to the country. All discussions were conducted at a very high level and the organization was impeccable.

Antonini Puppin-Macedo, Director, Research Coordination BR&T  BOEING Latin America | Brazil

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